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The web-system of the Genitourinary Group is open and free for participation of all scientists.

Every person (later named user) could participate in different ways depending on his/her demands and abilities.

There are several types of users in the web-system of the Genitourinary Group web-system.

If you are not registered, you can access the methodology and core results of the study, but could not do anything in the system, and could not participate in main activities such as examination process, estimation of abstracts or full-text data extraction.

If you are registered user, you could participate in the activity of the Genitourinary Group and thus contribute for the studying the epidemiology of kidney and urinary diseases all over the world.

If you wish to register, just fill the form on http://kidneyepidemiology.org/gbd/register_new_user.php and you become a user with basic access rights.

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