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There are several acticvities for data collection and estimation during the second step of systematic review:

  • All references selected as potentially useful will be evaluated for classification of abstract by fixed number of keywords (country of description, type of the article, study design, incidence, prevalence, mortality, primary kidney disease, etc). Please note that on this step we will not extract epidemiological data but only estimate abstracts for further work.
  • In parallel with abstracts classification there will be a possibility to all epidemiologists and physicians to add data from literature not presented in Medline and EMBASE, or unpublished data sources, to the web-based system by the special new data submission interface.
  • Collection and extraction of information on incidence, prevalence and mortality from ESRD registries all over the world. If you are managing the registry in your country but not yet received request from ISN COMGAN, pease follow this link for further instructions.
  • Extraction of data from KDDC database managed in the Mario Negri Institute under the auspicious of ISN COMGAN.

Please see How_can_you_participate for more details of contribution to the second step of systematic review.

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